Promotions Crew Indie Spotlight presents: Safe Haven 

The Champion Rock Band Safe Haven has become the staple of what it is to
dream and become what you believe. In 2003 they decided to take their
dreams on the road and so the story continues. It’s been quite the ride surviving
many hard awakenings and the typical struggles of any band.

Today here in 2007 “We’re as ready as we’ll ever be!” comments Gil Sandoval
describing the character it takes to withstand so much opposition. Their NEW ALBUM
“Setting Up and Tearing Down” is the Anticipated Record that has an enormous rock
epidemic on fire nationwide. The album was written and recorded in the span of three
years where many authentic songs of real experiences where written.

The band has captured the heart of a lovely following of friends and supporters. There
is no doubt that Safe Haven will surely soar higher than ever before. Their hearts are
filled with love and their music filled with Hope. Do yourself a favor and experience
Safe Haven on the frontline of every show they Rock!

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