Promotions Crew Indie Spotlight presents: Parker Theory 

A theory can be described as "a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based,” but, in the case of Parker Theory, it is more like a collection of songs that reflect an on-going journey through life … always moving forward, never satisfied to stay in one place, determined to experience life to the fullest. Almost like musical Polaroid snapshots through the window of a moving vehicle.

“It’s as if I had all these pictures, experiences and emotions in my mind and wanted to bring them to life through music,” says Jesse Pruett, lead singer and guitarist. “I had been writing songs at home and knew it was time for a new beginning musically. I decided to start the band because I wanted it to be something I could believe in and be passionate about.”

Leaving California is a package of cleverly penned alt-pop-rock songs. With strong melodies ala Crowded House, it sonically covers ground somewhere between Jimmy eat World and Snow Patrol. The strong singles on the album, “In the End,” “Shoe Song,” “I Believe,” and “Build You a House,” would not be amiss on movie soundtracks, advertisements, and television shows such as WB’s Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. “I think musically we have a lot of different feels on this new record,” says Pruett. “I like so many different styles of music that I think that comes out in the record.”

The stories, experiences, and passions on Parker Theory’s eclectic sophomore release share the universal laughter, sadness, joy and hope of the adventure of life. Pruett says he hopes “people find strength, healing, vision for their life, and happiness” in listening to the album. “I feel like there is so much out there to experience. That is why I decided to name it “Leaving California.” We are on a journey and I don’t want to stay in one place. This goes for all aspects of my life. I want to always be moving forward and enjoying life to the fullest.”

Following the success of the band’s first album in Japan, Fabtone Records also released Leaving California in Japan in early April, and the band toured there for the first time in May.

Parker Theory released Leaving California in the U.S. on May 15 through Rescue Records (Mri/Sony Red Distribution), which is owned by Noah Bernardo—the father of Noah “Wuv” Bernardo Jnr. of San Diego-based band P.O.D, and the uncle of Sonny Sandoval, the band’s front man. |

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